Best Gaming Crypto Coins to Buy Right Now

Blockchain-based play-to-earn games have been on a trend in investor interest. Many P2E games released have also significantly increased since the beginning of 2022. However, crypto traders' interest in their native tokens has also increased, largely because of their extraordinarily bright future.

But even in such a lucrative market, not all gaming-related crypto coins will finally go bust and bring their investors' real returns. In this situation, it is crucial that you thoroughly review these projects and only invest in the most promising gaming crypto coins.

But how can you locate the top gaming cryptocurrency coins to purchase in 2022? We'll be discussing our top picks and sharing advice on how to identify interesting gaming crypto coins. 

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Best Gaming Crypto Coins to Buy Right Now

Here is a summary of the top gaming crypto coins for 2022, according to our analysts.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

The native coin for the blockchain game Axie Infinity is called AXS. Axie Infinity, one of the earliest and fastest-rising play-to-earn blockchain games, was introduced in 2018 by Sky Mavis. The number of gamers on Axie Infinity's network has surpassed 1 million since the game's launch. Additionally, it assisted AXS coin in rising 165000% above its ICO price. One of the main reasons why we think Axie Infinity is the best gaming crypto coin to buy in 2022 is due to its amazing historical price performance.

Others include the well-thought-out vision for Axie Infinity, which calls for adding new play-to-earn games to the network. The collaboration then extends to include working with more off- and on-chain companies to have them expand the Axie Infinity metaverse. Developers of Axie Infinity intend to eventually transform the game platform into the biggest and most vibrant blockchain-based social media network.

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Discover the top gaming crypto coins? The DeFi and GameFi sectors have experienced some of the most significant global developments, and unique play-to-earn concept cryptocurrency projects like VirtuaCoin, which are currently driving growth in the Gaming Crypto sector and emerging as the Top Gaming Crypto Coins, rewarding players playing games like Rushraids and Tutigames.

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games? A unique play-to-earn concept, VirtuaCoin pays players with crypto coins for participating in Rushraids and Tutigames.

VirtuaCoin is regarded as one of the Top Gaming Crypto Coins for a reason. Outstanding features of the app include tools for opening numerous wallet accounts, anti-whaling, trading swiftly and securely, creating a customized NFT marketplace, safe payee addition, and much more. Play games like Rushraids to play and earn VirtuaCoin, a simple but effective idea.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

When the Enjin coin reached its high in November 2021, it was trading at a premium of around 10000% over the ICO price. Enjin has also proven its resilience by surviving the crypto winter of 2018–2020 and the early months of 2022. Since its inception, it has also maintained strong traction. Enjin Coin is one of the most promising gaming cryptocurrencies available right now thanks to all of these factors as well as its strong fundamentals, which begin with a clear plan.

We also loved the fact that investors are interested in the Enjin network and the ENJ coin. We value Enjin's efforts to transcend the status of a blockchain-based gaming platform by incorporating cutting-edge crypto technologies like NFTs, Web3, DeFi, and dApps.

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Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Because Yield Guild Games is managed by a DAO, as opposed to the competitors, they qualify as one of the top gaming cryptocurrency coins to buy right now. It succeeds here as well because its platform has merged crypto technologies like NFTs. This doesn't only attracts more users to the site but also enables YGG platform users to double their earnings by flipping NFTS. 

Our analysts are persuaded by a few elements that YGG has a bright future and is a good investment at this point. It has a good blueprint, to start. Second, YGG has consistently outperformed its peers and has been on an uptrend. Additionally, Yield Guild Games has worked with companies like a16z to expand and develop the biggest virtual economy.


Faster transactions, secure prize distribution, and quick access to in-game products are all features of crypto gaming coins. LBLOCK, MANA, and SAND are a few of the top gaming cryptos that can fulfill this need.

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These crypto assets have experienced significant price changes in the cryptocurrency market since their inception. With VirtuaCoin's momentum in its presale phase and being near to listing on major exchanges, VirtuaCoin seems to be a new project that could also generate returns of that magnitude.

Most of these digital assets are available for buy by investors on VirtuaCoin, a safe and economical marketplace. The platform offers investors a fantastic chance to make money by using the RushRiads and Tutigames. Investors can purchase cryptocurrency with acceptable minimums and cheap fees.


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